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History of Tawas United Methodist Church

In 1967,  a study committee was appointed to investigate the possibility of the merger of the Tawas City and the East Tawas Methodist Churches ("West Parish" and "East Parish").

On May 5, 1968, the two churches voted and officially became the Tawas United Methodist Church.  The two congregations continued to meet in both church buildings after the merger. One service at 10 a.m. and one at 11 a.m. with combined choirs going from one building to the other.

In 1969, three acres of land at the corner of 5th Ave. and M-55 were purchased.  After a great deal of study, a ballot was brought before the Church Conference stating “That the Tawas United Methodist Church start immediately on the necessary procedures for the development of plans for the construction of a new building to house the Tawas United Methodist Church”  The Vote passed!!

In 1974 the ground breaking service was held for the new building.  A few  months later the congregation was invited to participate in the laying of the cornerstone.  Included in that cornerstone are the brass memorial plaques from the pews that are currently in the sanctuary.  Those pews came from both churches as they were of the same style. The stained glass  windows are from the East Tawas building having been re-configured at the top to fit the new design. The lighted picture of Christ is also from the East Tawas building.

Many memorials were given to the church which benefited the building fund and helped furnish the new church.
In 1962, the East Tawas Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary and the Tawas City Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1968.

The East Tawas building is now the home of the Tawas Bay Players and the Tawas City building is the home of the Seventh Day Adventists.



East Tawas Methodist Church ("East Parish")

401 Newman Street, East Tawas, Michigan

Tawas City Methodist Church (“West Parish”)

327 Whittemore Street, Tawas City, Michigan

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20 East M-55

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