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Mid-Week Update JUNE 23, 2021


Welcome to the Mid-Week Update. I had a friend who was set to fly out of his country during the monsoon season.  Monsoons can cause some pretty nasty weather including floods and winds.  He told me afterward how miserable he had been, thinking about flying during bad weather.  So he took his seat in coach class and prepared for a rough take off and assent.  As soon as the plane broke through the clouds, he was amazed.  There was the shining sun and blue skies!  Suddenly the monsoon was but a memory, while he sat gazing out his window and marveling at God’s creation.  

         The apostle John had that kind of an experience, on steroids.  He was on the island of Patmos, having just finished writing Jesus’ letter to Laodicea.  Jesus had nothing good to say about that church.  Their gold didn't make them rich.  Their expensive fabrics didn’t cover their sin, and their eye salve didn’t heal blindness.  Water they transported in from other places wasn’t very good either.  It was downright disgusting.  The church was mired in worldly thinking and couldn’t perceive God’s spiritual realities of life.  

         John needed something to encourage and lift him up.  He actually received more than he could have imagined.  He saw a door open in heaven and heard a voice telling him to come up.  Just like that, he was in the Spirit.  John saw things described in Revelation 4, which we will look at this weekend.  I encourage you to read the chapter several times so that you can marvel at the glorious vision John saw.  He saw a scene in heaven, around the LORD’s throne.  Heavenly creatures singing, and 24 elders crowned with golden crowns circling the throne, worshiped passionately.  Their intense God-focus is remarkable.  The nonstop nature of their worship gives us pause to reflect.  We want to join them.  We are praying for it every time we pray the LORD’s Prayer, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matthew 6:10)  May we glean from what we see in Revelation 4.  


God bless all of you,

Pastor Kris


This week’s Scripture:  Revelation 4:1-11


Call to Worship:                                Worship Leader, Al Denhoff

WL:  This morning as we worship let us look to Jesus who is worthy to be praised above all things.  He created us and he paid with his life,       to win us back from our wandering in sin.  He is the one on the   Throne of heaven. 

P:     Jesus is enthroned as the holy One. 

WL:  Heavenly Creatures and Saints worship him in continuous praise

         and humility.

P:     Jesus is worshiped for ever and ever.  

ALL: Let us sing to the Lord and join their unending praise.  Amen. 



Flowers Under the Cross are provided by Diane & Gary Bushman

in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary


Junior Church needs helpers – this is a once-per-month commitment.  Helpers and teachers and people willing to learn to teach.  Help save the next generation! Let us know at the office.  989-362-4288

FISH will have a rummage sale here, on Fri. June 25th from 9-3 PM and Sat. June 26th, from 9-1PM.  Come in and do some shopping!

MMPG (Men’s Morning Prayer Group) June 26, 8:30 AM

Casual Worship, Saturday June 26 at 6:00 PM   

NEW!  Adult Class has started each Sunday, 9:00 AM

         We’re in a study on 1st & 2nd Peter.  Please note that this class meets from 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM before worship service.  We meet in the Family Life Center, but may need to relocate this week due to the FISH tables set up in the FLC.  We’ll post a sign with an alternative location.  

Women’s Bible Study June 28 at 11:00 AM

New Fire Alarm System donations have reached $8,830.  We’re marching toward our goal of 10,000!


Goodie Sale for New Fire Alarm System – 7/4 after worship.


Prayer Ministry happens on Tuesdays.  Please attend as often as you like.  Prayer ministry will meet at church and online:

1st Tuesday – 1:00PM – 2:00PM         July 6

2nd Tuesday – 1:00PM – 2:00PM                 July 13

3rd Tuesday – 6:00PM – 7:00PM         July 20

4th Tuesday – 1:00PM – 2:00PM         July 27


Summer Festival of Light and Life - Plan Ahead – August 2 – 6 at Shoreline Park & Town Square.  Morning VBS & Adult Bible Study, and Evening Worship

Pastor is looking for volunteers (ladies & men & teens) to teach and help out at the “Festival of Light & Life” event scheduled for August.  There will be Vacation Bible School in the morning, Bible study in the afternoon and a Service in the evening.  Please let the Pastor or the office know if you are interested in helping out.

ATTENTION BAKERS: If you would like to make something for the 4th of July Bake Sale, you are welcomed to do so. So that we are staying safe, please put your goodies on a plate and in a zip lock bag.  Cakes, 9X13’s can be cut in 4’s, 8X8’s can be cut in half.  Place 6 or 8 cookies or brownies on small plates and place in bags also.  Bring them to the Gathering Area before service on July 4th

Please Pray for

Brian Sullivan

Coleen Keith

Wayne Lind

Hank Falk

Tom Pearson

Mary Karr

Ken Tousley

Elite Shellenbarger

Nancy Shellenbarger

Linda Hicks


**IF you have placed someone on this prayer list, please let the office know

if the person is doing better or is still in need of prayers.  If you have someone

who needs prayers please let the office know.  Thank you



6/26   Gary & Diane Bushman (50th)

6/27   Don & Joyce Lake

6/28   Brad & Heather Hasty

6/30   Michael & Monica Peach



6/23   Adam Moore

6/23   John Thomas

6/25   Teresa Dalman

6/25   Robyn King

6/26   Diane Bushman

6/28   Sandy Wirley

6/29   Jim Mielke

6/30   Camryn Chatt